The Benefits of ZISA®

 As the industry’s premier safety recognition program, ZISA® provides a host of benefits to contractors, labor representatives and owner-clients. First and foremost, ZISA® emphasizes our industry’s commitment to jobsite safety in a public and highly visible manner, year in and year out. Recognition is a huge motivator.  It pushes all tripartite members to work even harder and leads to increasingly better safety performance down the road. Before the concept of zero injury gained widespread acceptance, no one thought it was possible to complete a complex construction project on time and on budget without a single injury. Now the question is not “Can we do it?” but “How far can we take this?”

For contractors, a Zero Injury Safety Award® is an invaluable marketing tool. It shows potential clients that they understand the importance of safety and have the knowledge, commitment and experience necessary to achieve the ultimate pinnacle of performance: an injury-free job site.

For labor representatives, a Zero Injury Safety Award® proves once again that union craft workers are the safest and best-trained option available to contractors and owners. In an increasingly competitive market, winning a ZISA® is not only a badge of honor – it provides unions with a crucial competitive edge.

For owner-clients, a Zero Injury Safety Award® confirms that safety is a priority for everyone involved in the project – and that production and quality will not be compromised.

A Zero Injury Safety Award® is much more than an attractive piece of hardware to place on a desk or inside a trophy case. It is greater than the sum of its parts – a physical reminder that when everyone works together and commits to a single goal, nothing can hold them back.