How ZISA® Works

To be eligible for a Zero Injury Safety Award® projects must be completed under one of the following agreements:  the National Maintenance Agreements, National Power Generation Maintenance Agreements, or the National Construction Agreement.  To be eligible projects must also have zero OSHA recordable injuries. Projects with fatalities, days away, restricted or transferred (DART) cases or OSHA recordable injuries are not eligible.

Each ZISA® application undergoes a thorough audit and vetting process, and owner-clients are contacted to verify zero recordable injuries. The integrity of the ZISA® program is paramount, and under the guidance of NMAPC’s Senior Director of Environmental Health and Safety, we ensure that the data provided is accurate and complete.

There are four categories for individual tripartite ZISA® recognition:  

Gold Star – Recognizing 1 million hours or more worked with zero recordable injuries

Silver Star – Recognizing 500,000 to 999,999 hours worked with zero recordable injuries

Bronze Star – Recognizing 200,000 to 499,999 hours worked with zero recordable injuries

Certificate of Merit – Recognizing 50,000 to 199,999 hours worked with zero recordable injuries

ZISA® Project Recognition Program Criteria

1. Who may apply? The owner/client, the construction manager, or the general contractor on the project may apply for the ZISA® Project Recognition Program for projects that have amassed a minimum of 500,000 hours with zero OSHA recordable injuries throughout the project.

2. Eligibility. Only projects designated as NMAPC Yellow Card Projects and/or projects that have received a Construction Manager (CM) Letter of Understanding from the NMAPC are eligible for this recognition. A work scope request must be submitted to make this a Yellow Card Project under the NMAPC.

The owner/client, the construction manager or the general contractor must have submitted a work scope request, and received permission by the NMAPC, to designate the project a Yellow Card Project (Ref: NMAPC Policy Decision V-2).

Construction Managers, in addition to receiving Yellow Card Project designation, must also have submitted a CM Letter of Understanding for the project in order for the project to be eligible for the ZISA® Project Recognition Program (Ref: NMAPC Policy Decision IV-6).

For purposes of eligibility for this award, all eligible contractors on the Yellow Card Project must have zero OSHA recordable injuries throughout the course of the project. No “re-starts” following an injury - the project must start with zero injuries and finish with zero injuries.

All winning tripartite teams are invited to attend the annual ZISA® Gala held each fall in Washington, D.C.